Sinfonieorchester Münster – Aaseerenaden 2016

Sinfonieorchester Münster: Claude Debussy - Images
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Das Sinfonieorchester Münster zu Gast in Mailand




A. Casella:
Symphonie n° 2
"La donna serpente" suite n°1

Sinfonieorchester Münster
Fabrizio Ventura, chef d'orchestre



...Under the baton of its Italian conductor, Fabrizio Ventura the orchestra of Münster is doing a fantastic job. Everything is finely tuned, perfectly harmonized... , Adrian Quanjer

Casella's second symphony duzzles under Ventura...conductor Fabrizio Ventura pushes the Münster Symphony Orchestra to give everyounce of passion and feeling in this music....This is a first-rate CD, well worth acquiring for fans of this oft-neglected Italian composer. , Lynn René Bayley

In their committed, coherent and very firm performance of Casella’s Second Symphony, the Münster Orchestra and Fabrizio Ventura show the modern character of the composer’s music. , Alain Steffen

I love the way Ventura shapes and builds it up, inspiring his players to deliver a reading of poetic eloquence and intensity. ,  Stephen Greenbank



Teatro Comunale di Bologna

15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 Février 2018

G. Scelsi: Chukrum

I. Strawinsky: Pétrouchka

Compagnia di danza Virgilio Sieni

Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna

Fabrizio Ventura, chef d'orchestre




Münster du 24.3. au 4.4.2018

Fabrizio Ventura est le directeur arstistique du Festival







Les deux derniers concerts comme Directeur Musical General de l'Orchestre Symphonique de Münster